5 Best Sites to Stream Your Favorite Music – For Free!

No matter where you are, music always makes life that much better. Thankfully, there are so many ways to stream music without the need to download it and the best part yet is that it’s absolutely free. While some services may charge an annual or monthly rate, it is no longer necessary to have all your favorite songs by your favorite artists on a CD or on vinyl. You can simply subscribe to your favorite music services, play single tunes, create a playlist, listen to an entire album, or even stream a concert performed at one time live. Do you have a favorite online streaming service you enjoy? If not, here are 5 of the best to choose from.

1. YouTube

Not only is YouTube the second most popular social site or search engine, but it is also one of the most popular streaming media platforms as well. As long as you have internet connectivity, you can listen to literally any artist that has been uploaded to the site. You can even stream those tunes to your mobile phone so you can listen while traveling to and from work or school. In fact, if you choose from noise canceling headsets on the Lenovo website, they can also be used with a mobile device to make and receive calls when equipped with a microphone. Now this is the epitome of music streaming services and gadgets.

2. Spotify

As one of the other extremely popular streaming music platforms, Spotify can also be used with a mobile app for your phone while still allowing you the choice to listen on your home PC or laptop. With a catalogue of millions of songs to choose from, you will never want for tunes to play on any occasion.

3. Pandora

Even before Spotify, Pandora was streaming music in the early days of free music online. Not only are there millions of tunes to choose from Pandora also features podcasts and commentaries on artists and their latest releases.

4. MusixHub

MusixHub is a streaming music platform that isn’t quite as popular as other offerings but, here again, there are millions of songs to listen to and all of them free. If you are not behind the wheel, you can even stream videos on a mobile device. Safety should always come first, so if you are driving around town and your favorite group just released their latest official music video, be sure to pull over so you can get full and safe enjoyment. Don’t forget that MusixHub also features live interviews!

5. SoundCloud

Oddly, SoundCloud isn’t as well-known as some of the other streaming music platforms but is one of the oldest. In the days when Facebook was just getting its start, back in 2007, SoundCloud was going strong, streaming popular tunes day and night.

So, if you are a music buff, these are the top 5 streaming music platforms you can enjoy, and most are 100% free. Even if you need to pay a small subscription fee, that is minimal to the amount of cash you’d layout on your favorite albums.