Help Austin replace his stolen music equipment.

As you may have seen before, my cymbal bag was stolen from my car the other night, containing the following items:


Sabian HHX Complex 21” Thin Ride ($519 retail) Like New Condition

Sabian HHX Complex 14” Hi Hats ($579 retail) Like New Condition

Sabian HHX Complex 19” O-Zone Crash ($459 retail) Like New Condition

Sabian HHX Complex 18” Thin Crash ($409 retail) Small Crack on Side

Sabian HHX Evolution 18” O-Zone Crash ($424 retail) Two Cracks on Side + Cutout

Sabian HHX Legacy 19” Crash ($444 retail)

Microphones/Recording Equipment:

Sennheiser e 945 Vocal Microphone ($199)

Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Microphone ($199)

Sennheiser e 604 3-pack Cardioid Dynamic Drum Microphones ($349)

GoPro Hero 10 Black ($349)

Samsung Galaxy Buds ($173)

The items were all in a black Lonestar Percussion cymbal bag ($99 retail) with backpack straps, a front compartment for sticks, and three small compartments below the stick compartment.

Grand Total: $4,202 retail

If any of you see these items for sale on Marketplace, Craigslist, or at a Pawn Shop in the Austin area, please let me know at [phone redacted]. Although I have some backup cymbals to use for now, I was so in love with that particular setup of cymbals, which took me several years to acquire piece by piece. They all had deep sentimental value to me. They were my work horses that were with me on every gig, and they made my collective voice on the drum set sound incredible for any musical situation. Just a few months ago, I finally completed the setup, and was so excited that the search was over.

Just from the nature in which they are made, no two cymbals will sound the same. So although those are irreplaceable, I’m going to do my best over time to gather the same models and sizes. I’ll need to replace the microphones first though, since I have no backups I can use for my upcoming gigs. I’m thankful they didn’t take any of the drums, but they must have been smart thieves, because the components of the cymbal bag are worth over twice as much as the rest of the drumset!

All this being said, I’m not usually one who likes to ask for help, especially financially. In fact I hate it. However, since I have now said goodbye to my teacher’s salary, and I’m currently grinding it out as a full time musician, this is going to put quite a big dent on my savings trying to get all of these items replaced. I will take care of it all eventually, and things will work themselves out, but if you are in a giving spirit this holiday season, any little bit you may be able to help me with would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

If you don’t want to use GoFundMe, my other payment information is listed below:

Venmo: @austinbakertx

CashApp: $austinbakertx

PayPal: [email redacted]

Zelle: 8323739653

Thank you so much for your help.