Tunes writer and author Marc Myers on rock live shows of 1950s by means of 1980s

Audience who attended, read about or wished they were being at any of the evolutionary rock concerts of the 1950s via 1985 will be eager to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what really went into the making of these phenomenal performances now in the history books.

Longtime audio writer, journalist and author Marc Myers normally takes readers via a energetic account of this period of tunes nostalgia in his new ebook “Rock Live performance: An Oral History as Explained to by the Artists, Backstage Insiders, and Fans Who Were being There.”  

Author, journalist and music writer Marc Myers

The guide examines live rock performances by way of these yrs, highlighting how this amusement style turned a rite of passage for young folks as it evolved alongside with the audio, technology and cultural variations of the periods.   

The reserve is primarily based on initial-hand information gleaned from additional than 90 interviews with musicians, promoters, stagehands and lots of many others associated in the creation of dwell rock concert events all through these decades, serving as an oral history of what Myers phone calls the “golden age” of the rock live performance experience.  

Rock Concert book jacket

Myers is a standard contributor to The Wall Avenue Journal, where by he writes about audio and the arts. His critically acclaimed preceding textbooks include “Anatomy of a Song” and “Why Jazz Transpired.” He also appears regular on SiriusXM’s Suggestions, and posts every day at the award-profitable internet site 

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