Things To Consider When Learning a New Instrument

When you decide to learn a new instrument, you must set yourself up with the proper gear and practice space to get started.

Instrument Equipment

Decide what instrument you want to play and learn about the parts required for cleaning and maintenance. Smaller stringed instruments like the violin will require a bow and rosin, and you will need to purchase reeds to play the clarinet. You might need a hand exerciser, pocket guitar, or another practice tool for guitarists to build up finger strength and dexterity. Every instrument is a little different, and most will require a carrying case to keep the instrument safe during transport or when not in use.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you learn to play a new instrument, the only way to improve is through practice. Set up a clean space to practice with materials like sheet music, manuscript books, and electric tuners. If you want to learn a large instrument like the piano or drums, you will need the space for a keyboard or drum set to practice on. Dedicate a set amount of time every day to practice playing your instrument. If you don’t have the time or space to practice every day, you can use things like practice pads, travel-size instruments, and reading music theory to reinforce your practice when you’re on the go.

How To Learn

Practice takes time and dedication. You can do this entirely on your own or with the help of a teacher. If you are more of a self-starter, there are many resources available online to help teach yourself the basics of reading music and music theory. You can follow online videos for basic instruction and practice playing your instrument. However, this way lacks the individual attention required to fix possible mistakes you might not be aware you are making. If you’re not sure where to get started or notice you are struggling to get past a certain level, consider taking individual private music lessons with a certified instructor.  

Understand what goes into practicing the instrument you are interested in playing so you can set yourself up for success as you learn.