Placebo Records and punk music history in Phoenix: A celebration

Tony Beram didn’t think he’d find himself revisiting his distant past as Tony Victor in 2022, archiving artifacts and memories of the years he put in seven days a week to deliver the gospel of the Phoenix underground to anyone who cared to listen.

He was 16 when he got into the music business, managing a classmate’s band, Detente.

By 1981, he was promoting punk shows through Mersey Productions. 

That same year, a 19-year-old Beram launched Placebo Records with two members of his classmate’s band (who’d changed their name to Teds), Mark Bycroft and Greg Hynes.

The label’s first release was either “Blatant Localism,” a landmark six-song seven-inch by Arizona skate-punk legends Jodie Foster’s Army (JFA) or a Teds EP called “The Eighties Are Over.”