How to Properly Move Your Piano

A piano is one of the most valuable and heavy instruments you can have in your home. Not only are they a sign of luxury, but they show your appreciation for art. When moving one, you have to move it carefully to avoid damaging it or injuring yourself. Moving can be stressful, and the last thing you want is to be hurt or spoil your precious asset. Here are ways you can move your piano with ease.

How to Properly Move Your Piano

Get Help

Pianos are heavy. You cannot lift one by yourself. Therefore, do not struggle to drag it as you will only ruin the legs, which are fragile, or bump them into something. Get three of your friends to help you lift it and carry it to the truck. Even better, get professional help. Find piano movers Seattle and let the professionals handle it. With their experience, you will have managed to move your piano safely to its new location.

Getting the Right Equipment For Moving

Getting the right equipment is vital in ensuring that the piano movers and the piano are safe during the process. There are certain risks involved in moving a piano, like scratched furniture, dented railing, and injured toes and fingers. However, with the right equipment, this is something you can avoid. Some of the tools you need include moving straps, work gloves, weightlifting straps, dolly straps, moving pads/ blankets, heavy-duty tape, and a four-wheel dolly.

Protect Your Piano

Protecting your piano ensures that it is not damaged in any way during movement. Ensure the keys are protected. Put the lid down and lock it, but if it lacks a lock, secure the top so that it stays in place. Secure the main body as well, especially the corners with paddings or blankets. This helps protect the keyboard from any damage.

With these steps, moving your piano will ensure there is no damage. Do not forget to tune your piano once it is settled in its new home. You can even get a professional tuner to do that for you.