Blackpink’s Jisoo on Likely Solo, New Music, Mental Health and fitness and Far more

In just Blackpink, Jisoo Kim is acknowledged as the humorous one particular. She’s quick with a joke and loves a superior prank, like the time she hid Lisa’s cellphone in the fridge in the course of their trainee times. But Jisoo also has an introverted aspect, and on this April afternoon, sitting in a convention place at the headquarters of YG Leisure, Blackpink’s label and administration company, she’s in a significant mood, pondering large inquiries while sipping an iced espresso, sporting a cap that says “As time goes by it will be superior.”

In Blackpink, Jisoo is the lead vocalist and an qualified harmonizer. She loves producing new music, loves constructing a music from scratch with an qualified workforce. But global fame is not generally quick. Talking in Korean, she talks of how she sometimes envies her past self: the sleepy, carefree large faculty woman from Gunpo, South Korea, who dreamed of touring the earth. At the exact time, she also is aware of the lifestyle-switching power of the tunes she and Blackpink make. 

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How are you today?
Not far too excellent. I did not rest perfectly. I fell asleep all-around 8 this morning. Just after this job interview, I have to go to the healthcare facility because my leg hurts. I bumped into a doorway seriously hard it is not damaged or fractured, but it’s been hurting for the past thirty day period, so I need to have to get yet another X-ray. Fortunately, we’re not accomplished with recording [for Blackpink’s upcoming album], so I really do not have to have to use my legs still. The choreography will come right after the songs are carried out. I hope to recover swiftly before then. 

What are you up to these times?
My lifestyle these days is not much too hectic, because we’re not actively carrying out nonetheless. I want to arrive again with music immediately. I live alone, but my moms and dads are in the exact same condominium setting up, so we share meals alongside one another. 

You grew up in Gunpo, a comparatively modest metropolis. Then, with Blackpink, you knowledgeable an enormous planet. How has that modified your standpoint on lifetime?
You know, not also in different ways. My mom and father are very pleased of me, but I don’t feel like a entire world star. I’d go to see a perform with friends, and they’d say, “Can you shift all around like this? You’re Blackpink!” Others say all the time, “Hey, this is a massive deal!” It does not resonate with me much. I’m the identical individual that started off teaching in substantial school. My social standing could have improved, but to me, I’m just . . . too me. 

Jisoo photographed in Seoul, South Korea, on April 9, 2022.

Jisoo photographed in Seoul, South Korea, on April 9, 2022.

Photograph by Peter Ash Lee for Rolling Stone. Vogue way by Alex Badia. Manufactured by Katt Kim at Mother. Set design and style by Minkyu Jeon. Styling by Minhee Park. Hair by Lee Seon Yeong. Makeup by Myungsun Lee. Nails by Eunkyoung Park. Dress by Alexander McQueen. Footwear: stylist’s own product

What do you really like most about creating audio?
We do not just obtain a done song. We’re involved from the starting, creating the blocks, adding this or that experience, exchanging comments — and this process of producing makes me feel proud of our songs. If we just obtained premade tunes, it would truly feel mechanical. I sense much more appreciate for the process, due to the fact we say, “How about including this in the lyrics? How about adding this transfer in the choreography?”

You’re the only Blackpink member who has not unveiled a solo single. There’s excitement that you will this 12 months. How would you solution your solo new music?
I’m not guaranteed how substantially I want to go solo nevertheless. The new music I hear to, the tunes I can do, and the new music I want to do — what should I pick out? I like tracks with a lot of instruments. I really like distinctive bands and rock music. What do persons want from me? There’s a chaos of conflicting concerns. So I’m still tilting my head in confusion. I’m not certain what will take place with my solo options this 12 months. 

The questioning appears to be absolutely comprehensible.
Suitable. It’s not straightforward. Truthfully, I didn’t know I’d be performing a thing like this. My large college buddies, who know me well, are nonetheless baffled that I’m carrying out this occupation, and carrying out it very well. They imagined I’d stay basically, freely, doing no matter what I want. 

Again then — I really don’t know what I was pondering — but on some times, if I didn’t want to go to school, I just did not. And my mother and father permit me! I’d wake up one morning grimacing since I did not want to go to college. My dad would say, “What’s up? Why the long confront?” I’d say, “Dad, I’m so fatigued, I just want to rest.” “OK, really don’t go then!” Then the future day, my instructor would talk to, “What are you heading to do with your everyday living?” 

I cannot believe your moms and dads let you skip university.
It is not that they gave up on me I feel they adored me, specifically since I was the youngest kid. They were being more liberal with letting me do what I needed. So it was hard for me to changeover to [YG], where there were being numerous guidelines. I experienced to increase a feeling of persistence and stamina. 

Jisoo photographed in Seoul, South Korea, on April 9, 2022.

Jisoo photographed in Seoul, South Korea, on April 9, 2022.

Photograph by Peter Ash Lee for Rolling Stone. Dress and bustier by Dior. Shoes: stylist’s particular product

Lisa claimed you would be the most probable a person to go to Hawaii if you weren’t in Blackpink.
Oh, even if it’s not Hawaii, I converse about moving abroad all the time. I have constantly been a really free soul, ever considering that again in my university days. If folks requested back again then, “What are you going to do with your everyday living?” I would think to myself, “Well, if I cannot get a suitable career, I’ll get aspect-time gigs, leech from my parents, remain at their location! I’ll help save some cash, go off to participate in somewhere applying that revenue, and at some point, I’ll discover a thing I want to do! If this does not work out, a little something else will come together!” I always had a potent desire to go all around freely. 

Is it complicated to do that now?
More than you’d think. No make a difference how I transfer close to there are people today who identify me. And then I have to be cautious. 

MBTI temperament-form checks are all the rage in Korea now. What is your form?
I consider I’m ESTP (extrovert-sensing-pondering-perceiving). But I basically choose getting on your own. I are inclined to established up way too many dates, and later on assume, “What have I performed?” 

What did you aspiration of as a boy or girl?
I didn’t definitely desire of getting a celebrity. I didn’t particularly have anything at all I wished to do: “What will I do in the future? Will I discover a little something I want to do?” Considering the fact that I was a youngster, I admired people today who experienced a obvious dream, who delved into that one route. Will the day at any time come when I also tumble deeply for one thing? 

For me, the intervals of slipping for some thing tended to be rather quick. I get bored easily. For example, when you physical exercise, there is a period of stagnation when your body’s just not altering — and then if you endure that, your human body improvements for the better. I’m not extremely good at enduring these periods of stagnation. So I have usually admired people today who can defeat that, and go better.

Did you conclude up finding that route through Blackpink?
I imagine I’ve been equipped to endure this journey, 50 % due to this refusal to yield. I didn’t want to quit halfway. I’d see other kids [trainees] slipping out in the competition and going dwelling. And I refused to generate I required to endure till the end. 

Do you have additional certainty about your path now? Most people would see you from the outdoors and assume, “Well, she’s aspect of Blackpink! Which is her route!” But I envision the real experience is distinctive.
That is proper. It is a minor distinctive. I even now really don’t know. I think about this every single day. What do I particularly like? Often I imagine it is a secret. I really like to conduct, but I really do not always take pleasure in remaining element of the highlight. 

I consider it’s diverse for the other customers: They like to receive the highlight, feeling energized by the folks who come to see us, and then finding a little bit depressed when the phase is about and silence comes. Emotion vacant. All these thoughts are a necessary portion of the occupation. I’m a little diverse. When I’m onstage, I believe about not producing faults. Accomplishing even now feels extra like a exam than some thing truly entertaining. 

When we were being undertaking at Coachella [in 2019], my back again hurt so terribly. Each and every night I was receiving painkillers. I wanted to perform sitting down. But my pleasure wouldn’t allow myself to sit. And it was not for the reason that “I enjoy this stage so much” much better was my feeling of responsibility and obligation.

You are nonetheless figuring out who you are.
I feel I’ll continue to keep exploring my complete lifestyle. I however have not found just about anything where I really feel “This is it for me!” Perhaps I will in no way come to feel it. I can compromise with my actuality since I’m portion of Blackpink, and I’m not by yourself. I have the women in the very same boat, and the enthusiasts. And that gives me the power and a perception of responsibility.  

What makes you satisfied these days?
I like to rest. I sleep when I’m pressured — in a way, I’m escaping, but I adore to slumber and dream. I used to publish dream diaries, even though not these times. I have a large amount of unique dreams. I’m not confident if I dream in language. I have dreamed a good deal about Blackpink, but in surrealistic options. Rather than a dream about heading on tour, it’d be like, we’re piloting a aircraft and anyone would chase us, and we’d be engaged in this chase. 

Jisoo photographed in Seoul, South Korea, on April 9, 2022.

Jisoo photographed in Seoul, South Korea, on April 9, 2022.

Photograph by Peter Ash Lee for Rolling Stone. Dress and bustier by Dior.

Thank you for getting genuine about your struggles. It’s not effortless for community figures to converse about their possess psychological overall health.
Ideal. There are too lots of eyes. I think it is a very little diverse, acquiring people today who cheer you on, the Blackpink users who’ll normally be on my aspect — and acquiring my very own struggles. 

I love talking to supporters I’m sincere with them and talk to them like they are my pals. We giggle so considerably. But then, even if these men and women are current in my lifetime, there are challenges that are my have. 

New music has been your everyday living for far more than a 10 years now. How does it experience to understand that?
I’m so happy of myself: Wow, I did anything for 10 decades? What a wonder! 

What does new music signify to you?
I really like the tunes that we do without having that, it would have been really hard to maintain heading. I began listening to more music after I came to this company. Before that, it was not a little something even bigger. It became a lot more significant to me following we started out making ready for and generating our own new music. 

How can I be a improved affect on another person else’s life as a result of songs? I pay attention to new music when I’m likely by a challenging time, or never want to imagine about everything — I hope our songs can have the similar impact on a lot of other people.