7 Best Vacation Destinations for Music Lovers

As music lovers, it is understandable to know that there are some places in the world there is music to.

There is this saying, love in the air, so also we have music, meanwhile, they are peculiar to places and each music genre has its base, capital, or origin. There are opinions of people on Collected.Reviews about why these places are revered.

To get started on your vacation journey, it is advisable to find a reliable travel agent. Through the agent, you can make adequate preparations as to having a great vacation experience and also avoid getting stranded or being at a crossroad on deciding how to proceed on your journey.

As a music lover who wishes to explore the world of music, there are specific locations that could guarantee you a fabulous getaway. Some of the best place to have your vacation include:

1.     Liverpool, England:

Liverpool has become an important place music lovers love to visit. Liverpool is a city known for its close association with arts, most especially music. It has bred notable performers like John Lennon, Ringo Star, and a host of others thus becoming the capital for pop. You can experience Liverpool when you visit places like Strawberry field and other homes of pop stars or go for the Beatles Fab Four Taxi Tour.

2.     Pune, India:

with music comes dancing, if you would love to enjoy classical music with great dancing steps, Pune is the right place for you to visit. The SawaiGandharva Music 3-days festival that comes up every December is one not to miss if you would like to experience Pune.

3.     Vienna, Austria:

Vienna, home to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a city known for its concerts and operas. When visiting, never miss the opportunity of attending an outdoor festival or opera performance organized by esteemed orchestras.

4.     Berlin, Germany:

Berlin,renowned for its nightclubs and music homes. Berlin boasts of experimental music that locals refer to as “Echtzeitmusik”. A favorite place to never miss when you visit Berlin is Ausland, a place for experimental music.

5.     Nashville, USA:

if you are looking for a place where you can show your musical talents or join in the fun of music, Nashville is the right place, a capital in the USA known for its musician gatherings at the Asheville Drum Circlemost especially in summer. It is also the home of some artists like Carrie Underwood and the Oak Ridge Boys.

6.     New Orleans, USA:

a city noted for its all-around year festivities like Mardi Gras, a carnival that occurs in the late winter with music scenes that keeps the festival’s energy alive and bustling. It is also known for the grand Preservation Hall where both star players and regular jazz bands perform.

7.     Chicago, USA:

Chicago isn’t only notable for its art museum, but for its blues club too. In case your genre of music is blues, Chicago is the right place because of its nightly blues song shows by notable artists like Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, and a host of others.

You can travel down to Memphis, for its rock ‘n’ roll theme, Iowa for its historical relevance to music, and a host of other suitable destinations. History, people, places, and happenings as we know complements the music.