What to Look for in a Wedding Singer

When planning one of the most important days of your life, creating the right mood is crucial. Many things can help create a mood: the lighting, decorations and the setting. Ultimately, the music you choose for your wedding ceremony will help set the tone and mood for the event. Finding the right ceremony singer Florida requires asking some important questions to potential performers.

Repertoire of Songs

Do you have a list of songs you want sung at your wedding, or do you want the singer to come up with their own? If you do have a list of songs you want performed at your wedding, you need to know if the performer has the ability to learn your choice of songs. Some singers may charge extra to learn new songs so it’s better to know that beforehand. Do they have the musical styling required of the songs you want? How long will they be singing for? Do they have a large enough catalog of songs that they could sing for a few hours at a time?


What type of experience does the singer have performing in front of large crowds? Though prior wedding experience isn’t always necessary, a wedding ceremony is very different than say a concert. Knowing how to read the room and know when to sing an upbeat song and then knowing when to slow things down with a ballad are very important for setting the mood at your ceremony.


Most performers tend to either have a band they are accustomed to playing with or they require certain sound equipment in order to perform. Will they be providing their own band and/or equipment or is that something you will need to arrange for? Whether your ceremony is indoors or outdoors will determine what type of speakers or equipment will be necessary to provide optimal sound.

Choose a wedding singer that you feel matches the sound and tone of what you’re looking for on your special day.