Hideous Kid JOE Shares Songs Movie For New Single ‘Failure’

Unattractive Child JOE will release a new studio album, “Rad Wings Of Destiny”, on October 21. The formal music movie for the LP’s fourth one, “Failure”, can be seen beneath.

“Rad Wings Of Destiny” sees Hideous Kid JOE re-teaming producer Mark Dodson who was driving the desk for the band’s debut album, “America’s Minimum Required”, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this yr.

Talking to France’s Loud Television about the “Rad Wings Of Future” album title, Unattractive Kid JOE frontman Whitfield Crane explained: “I adore JUDAS PRIEST. Ugly Child JOE has a penchant for poking a little humor into the universe — the universe desires a small humor — and also offering respect to points that we like. So we enjoy JUDAS PRIEST. We are from California. We say ‘rad’ all day prolonged. So ‘Rad Wings Of Destiny’.”

Concerning how “That Ain’t Livin'” came together, Crane explained: “I wrote the riff in Greece. We labored on the tune as a band in Mallorca, Spain. We tracked the music in El Paso, Texas. And then we couldn’t finish all the vocals in El Paso. So then I uncovered myself dwelling in Lisbon, Portugal. And I flew to London to meet the producer and I tracked the vocals in London.”

Asked if the relaxation of “Rad Wings Of Future” is musically related to “That Ain’t Livin'”, Whitfield mentioned: “Well, it really is tough for me to describe it, ’cause I am so near to it I am really near to it. But yeah, the 1st track, ‘That Ain’t Livin”… Also we love old-university AC/DC I indicate, I enjoy for AC/DC. I wrote the riff for ‘That Ain’t Livin” on an island in Greece and I had the riff. And so we wrote that track. And it really is definitely an homage to ‘Powerage’[-era] AC/DC. So which is that music. But you can find 9 other songs, and there is a whole lot of distinctive frequencies that we are embracing.”

As for the lyrical themes covered on “Rad Wings Of Destiny”, Crane explained: “‘That Ain’t Livin” is just — if you come to feel trapped in a nine-to-5 rut, end. Embrace life… We deal with a edition of THE KINKS‘Lola’, which is really interesting we did terrific on it. But I’ll permit the thematic structure of the album, I will allow that remain a mystery for a person to figure out themselves. I believe if I venture what I assume it is, often that usually takes absent from any individual feeling what it is for them.”

“Rad Wings Of Future” monitor listing:

01. That Ain’t Livin’
02. Not Like The Other
03. Everything’s Changing
04. Kill The Agony
05. Lola
06. Dead Good friends Engage in
07. Up in the City
08. Drinkin’ And Drivin’
09. Failure
10. Extensive Road

Immediately after a 15-year hiatus, Hideous Child JOE reformed in 2012 and has toured extensively during Europe and the relaxation of the planet.

The band introduced the EP “Stairway To Hell” in 2012 and the entire-duration “Uglier Than They Utilised Ta Be” in 2015.

Two several years back, Crane explained to Eonmusic about Unattractive Child JOE‘s big achievements on the back again of single “Everything About You” in 1991: “‘Eye of the storm’ is a great way to put it, since it just was all going on at a fatal fast gait. And it was a large amount — it was stunning and also really demanding, because you will find a great deal of people today that encompass the small business of audio that are full of shit. But when you happen to be 23 [or] 24, you will not know how to negotiate that, so on 1 hand, it was tremendous fun and we did all the issues you need to do at that age, and on the other hand, it was much too considerably for me. But we survived it, and I can deal with it all now.”

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