Study: My Understanding of Resorts

Suitabe Amenities in Resorts

Resorts are usually located in different places all over the world with an example of a resort being the Lakeside resort. These resorts are usually isolated places and are also self-contained establishments that aims at offering a wide variety of services to people who are on vacation. The services that are available to people visiting the resort are quite a number including food, drinks, entertainment, sports, lodging as well as shopping facilities within the premises. The Lakeside Resort has the facilities that are considered attractive to the guests and therefore do not necessarily need to be near a given destination such as historic site, town, a theme park or any other feature.

The lakeside resort is usually distinguished by various features including being situated in a region with a favourable climate and also providing a variety of recreational activities. The location of the Lakeside Resort is quite favorable since it is in a place where the concentration of people is limited hence the people visiting will be relieved from the congestion and the smog of their day to day life in other places. The recreational activities in the Lakeside resort are usually outdoor where the participants are able to enjoy the favourable outdoor environment and climate. The lakeside resort ensures that the facility has its own class in terms of the landscaping, the spacious layouts, as well as attendants who serve food and beverages in suitable outlets that provide both convenience and also flexibility to the present guests.

Another things that is very common ion distinguishing the Lakeside resort is the amenities they offer. Most of these amenities are usually available in the guestrooms and the bathrooms where most of them have been upgraded to the resort’s brand. Some of the most common amenities that are provided at the lakeside resort for free includes the hook-ups for internet phone, room coffee, iron and the ironing board, hair dryers among many other facilities.

It is important to note that the Lakeside resort has lots of concierges who play a key role in enabling the guests to take part in the various cultural and other recreational activities. The major role of the concierges at the Lakeside resort is to answer questions raised by the guest regarding any activity, offer suitable suggestions as well as make reservations on behalf of the guest where everything need to be handled to the level of guest satisfaction. Another common services offered include that turndown services. Common activities carried out include refreshing of towels, emptying of the trash, provision of cookies and mints, turning down the bedcovers, turning the lights on as well as ensuring the music is turned to relaxing stations.

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