LEM W777 Meat Grinder Review

Do you want to buy an expensive and high-quality grinder? Then, why you didn’t buy LEM Products W777 #5 LEM Stainless Steel .25 HP Big Bite Grinder because this grinder should meet all your needs on the grinder.

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Features of LEM Products W777 #5

Prior to paying for this LEM Products W777 #5, it is better to know the features to ensure the best buy. So, here is a list of features of LEM Products W777 #5.

1. ETL certified

The LEM Products W777 #5 is an ETL certified grinder works on 180 watts. And, it also includes induction motor, starts and runs capacitor, 3 amps built-in circuit breaker.

2. Frequency

The frequency of this grinder is 60HZ and works on 100V motor. In addition to that, it also includes all metal gears with roller bearings and a hole in the head.

3. Stainless steel motor

The LEM Products W777 #5 includes a stainless steel motor and also has stainless steel head with an auger.

4. Factory warranty

This grinder is packed with 2 years factory warranty to ensure the high-quality grinder.

5. Handle

In order to handle the grinder easily, it is made with a heavy duty handle for easy moving.

6. No assembly

There is no assembly is required for this grinder and comes with ready to use manner.

What does LEM Products W777 #5 include?

The package of LEM Products W777 #5 includes the following items.

  • 1 x meat stomper
  • 1 x stainless steel knife
  • 1 x stainless steel stuffing plate
  • 1 x stainless steel fine plate 3/16″ – 4.5mm
  • 1 x stainless steel coarse plate 3/8″ – 10mm
  • 3 x stuffing tubes 3/8″, 3/4″, 1″
  • Large stainless steel meat pan

User Reviews

yukon sunrise – Our basic model Cabela’s grinder that we found a few years ago was almost dead so we were looking for a new one. Preferably a well built one that we can get parts for. We bought this in the fall and just used it this week. We are impressed. We grind moose meat- no bones, just meat. This machine went through the meat quickly and we didn’t have to run it through a second time as we did with the previous machine. And we thought it was quiet compared to our old one. Hope this lasts us a long time.

Wesley Nick – I seldom write reviews, but so far I am very impressed with this grinder, I’ve used it twice. I bought a cheapo Bellemain plastic hand grinder to start with and on second use I had plastic shavings in the meat! Go with the extra cost and get an LEM grinder, you won’t be sorry! It is a real bargain at $169!

Phyllis L. Filter – Defiantly worth the money. I love making my own sausage and bratwursts. Grinds fast and it’s easy to take apart and clean. I researched several meat grinders and ended up purchasing this one. No regrets.

Chris R – Absolutely fantastic!! 25 pounds of deer ground very fast. I was concerned with the motor being listed as 1/2 hp with all the cheap grinders listing 2-3 hp, but this is a very powerful and very well built. Buy the accessory kit with the foot pedal.

Final words

If you’re looking for a grinder for industrial or home use, then the high-quality grinder is the best option. So, I recommend you to buy LEM Products W777 #5 size grinder.

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